L18 Taken Taken Dakota Fanning Taken Taken Allie King of all Indigo Children
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"You know that creating children to die really sucks!!!"

DAKOTA FANNING: [About I Am Sam; movie] Well, it has a really great meaning behind it! The lesson that I hope
everyone will learn when they see the movie is that it doesn't matter what car you drive and what apartment or house you live
in, or even what you look like on the outside. It just matters what your heart looks like. [It's about] your ability to LOVE!!!

You have been TAKEN to The Children's Immortalisation Network aspect of Mortality Resolution International

All DNA life forms on earth are created involuntarily and then destructively tested. This Fact makes all humans as a group, child molesters/killers.
In our species, we are the source of both the creation and destruction of all children. By our own Laws, we are not to kill another. By our passivity, we do, in affect, kill all others and ourselves. This misuse of intent is being reported to all children of earth, over the internet, for their protection. American Capitalism is not the social structure that will solve the killing of all children as American Capitalism makes child salvaging optional.

We Will Eternalize your ability to LOVE!!!

We didn't come here to die and we are not Matrix School Puppet Robots either! And please Spell taxes TAKES and please STOP LYING, GROWNUPS?

And, as it is in the prophecy, it will come pass that Miss Fanning will soon direct Mr Spielberg. Call it Close Encounters of the Eternal Kind.

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Please Meditate on the chemical elements in your body space created by your Learned Food Habits and your DNA


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Robert Ray Hedges of Sedona Arizona is teaching the children of Earth, over the internet! These children will show their parents that breeding to kill is cruel and wrong, AND, that there is another way! I am asking for your help.

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I don't want ANY person to DIE, so, here is my plan....

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