Dakota Gave an Excellent Interview with Barbara Walters on Nov 29, 2005

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Dakota Fanning: is Allie in Taken, DAKOTA FANNING I am Sam Uptown Girls Fanning Dakota

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Dakota Fanning is I am Sam, Taken, and King of Indigo Children Allie Brittany Murphy Uptown Girls Dakota Fanning Pictures Uptown Girls Jessie Nelson I Am Sam

Truth: Since the wages of sin is death then Immortality is the only legal intention; truth
A Truth will come that irradicates confusion Creating new levels of truth: Truth: Children need and now have a method of protection from government, the matrix, the illuminati, and their child killing parents. Just because all lineages are creating casket filler with the new people doesn't mean that it has to continue. Humans have rights to live and even have the capacity to change the belief paradigm and create responsibility and the methodology for eternal physical life internationally.
In schools, for example, children can stage a dynamic poer transfer by asserting the truth about immortality together, and by asserting that creating \life just to let it die is an act of premeditated murder which is already a capitol offense and a felony.
Further, the act of placing monogamy on the lawbooks as a requisite breeding modality is a clear violation of higher primate alpha-malism which is designed to evolve the species by filtering the breeders for qualification, not devolve it. The fact that this beeding mutany occurred is a clear signal that humanity has lost its way and is placing itself, and all of its members in harms way without even being conscious of it.
The neccessity of legalizing being clothed and making public nakedness illegal says that we, as a group, are conspiring in a major cover up. Can humanity yet face why looking at our own bodies causes problems. We cannot look at our own truth about sex causes death, and cannot face or examine the conspiratorial nature of massive female sexual negligence and depravity for males, so we just deny it and build deceitful religions and psychologies to cover up and distract from the truth.
Children are psychically more solvent, so they will lead and mandate the resolution of mortality interneted and in movies. They deserve the truth, and they deserve to be immortalized rather than killed through all forms of mortal negligence. Because humanity has created a major expansion of the human life span, we no longer need a methaphorical savior. We are the creator and we will now create being, together, our own physical savior.
Freedom is in its last days as there is too much immortalising work to be done to allow random intention, rationalised, to be an authorized political format or context for humans.

Indigo Children
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King of Indigo Children Dakota Fanning Pictures is I am Sam, Taken, and King of Indigo Children & Allie in Taken Brittany Murphy Uptown Girls Dakota Fanning Pictures Uptown Girls Jessie Nelson I Am Sam veritask

The Children's Immortalisation Network Dakota Fanning is I am Sam, Taken, and King of Indigo Children who Take over the Interent and become Mortality Resolution International to Fulfill The Prophecy as Scheduled! Brittany Murphy Uptown Girls Dakota Fanning Pictures Uptown Girls Jessie Nelson I Am Sam veritask

physical immortality/psychic police


Children are taking responsible control of their parents and taking RESPONSIBLE control of their schools and their real education using the following steps:

Please follow the logic carefully!

You are now participating in the most important event of the entire evolution of consciousness!
Step One: Confirm that all dna life forms are destructively tested!
Step two
Confirm that human replication is a destructive test based on conclusions drawn, world wide, about the implications embedded in all archaeological evidence.
Step Three. Confirm that human replication is Administrated soley by females who can easily aquire sperm anywhere in the world and then commence to create a person to be destructively tested.
Step Four
Confirm that growing a person to destructively test them kills them in the long term.
Step Five
Confirm that killing people is a felony and a capitol offense.
Step Six
Confirm that no person, except me, and no government is currently protecting you from this criminal intent.
Step Seven. Crucial
ORGANIZE your peer group to rectify this conspiracy against life using peaceful means, please.
For those of you 13 or older, set up internet websites for children under that age so that they can have a voice in there own destiny and immortality process. Link these websites into a network with an evolvable list distribution system. Search engines will find you and raise your ranking by following this procedure
Step Eight: CRUCIAL
CONTACT OTHER SCHOOLS to begin their process.
Step Nine
Remain silent in class to communuicate that the conspiracy against children as matrix robots is being challenged on a human rights basis and IS GOING TO BE RESOLVED to the advantage of all persons.
physical immortality Robert Hedges 2bTruthur2CreateImmortality4ever
physical Hedges immortality 2bTruthur2CreateImmortality4ever

Miss Dakota Fanning from Spielberg's ^TAKEN^ Alien Abduction Series

Dakota Fanning I am Sam Hedges 

2bTruthur2CreateImmortality4ever Physical Immortality
You know that creating ALL children to die really sucks!!!

King of all Indigos?
Conversations with 

Conversations with God

"And, they say, there's no limit in sight!"

Gains in Human Life Expectancy: Reprinted from Science(magazine)2002;296

The gains in human life expectancy over the past century-and-a-half have been nothing short of "astonishing," according to researchers. And, they say, there's no limit in sight.
This idea of ever-increasing longevity stands in contrast to the historical view that the human life span must soon hit a "ceiling," according to Jim Oeppen, of Cambridge University in the UK, and James W. Vaupel, of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany.

However, through the years, forecasted limits to life expectancy have been proven wrong time and again, the researchers write in the May 10th issue of Science.

Currently, Japanese women hold the world "record" for average life expectancy, at nearly 85 years of age. In 1840, Swedish women topped the world, expecting to live to the ripe old age of 45.

Oeppen and Vaupel call this 40-year gain, which occurred steadily over time, perhaps
"the most remarkable regularity of mass endeavor ever observed."
For 160 years, the researchers note, the top life expectancy has risen by a quarter of a year, each year. What's more, they claim, there is no reason to believe a leveling-off is imminent.

"If life expectancy were close to a maximum, then the increase in the record expectation of life should be slowing. It is not," Oeppen and Vaupel write.

And, they add, past predictions of the average human-life limit have proved wrong--such as a 1928 projection based on US data that, absent any "radical innovations," the ultimate life expectancy for men and women would be just shy of age 65.

But while this new outlook on life expectancy may sound good, Oeppen and Vaupel also point to some practical concerns. Currently, they write, private and public decisions--from choosing how much to sock away for retirement to setting policies on Social Security (news - web sites) and other government programs--are based on the idea that life expectancy will soon hit a ceiling.

Instead, the researchers assert, it would be "reasonable" to assume the top life expectancy will keep growing by 2.5 years per decade, as it has in the past--in which case, the world's top average life expectancy will be age 100 in about 60 years.

They add, however, that such modest, steady increases "will never lead to immortality. shall we stop killing all children yet"

Robert Ray Hedges ads...."as taken from the above dialogue, there is a HUGE contradiction. It is this: "There's no limit in sight!" and "They add, however, that such modest?, steady increases "will never lead to immortality." I will restate it as: "Since there's no limit in sight!" then these steady increases "will definitely lead to immortality." I like my attitude, don't you?"

This is my whole premise for hauling the entire human race into Internet Court and reminding all humans of three facts!
1.) Humans create both the life and death of all children.
2.) Humanity created its own Laws regarding premeditated murder, of which breeding to kill is the most wide spread violation by humanity of Humanities own Law.
3.)From the above statement as evidence, Some of Humanity, by its own intent, is terminating breed to kill by extending Life, using coordinated Science. As I now draw The Most Ethical/Morality conclusion from the above facts, I state to you, Humanity, that by your own Laws, you are about to lose your freedumb. Immortality, by your own Laws and your own Facts.....Is Now both Legal and Mandatory. If you truly believe this is not so, then turn to every child you see in Life and tell them into their EYES that you refuse to immortalise their tender and precious lives. You did this to yourselves.
I am Happy!
Robert Ray Hedges
Christmas 2002

DAKOTA FANNING [Age 8]: ((About I Am Sam; movie)) Well, it has a really great meaning behind it!The lesson that I hope
everyone will learn when they see the movie is that it doesn't matter what car you drive and what apartment or house you live in,
or even what you look like on the outside. It just matters what your heart looks like. [It's about] your ability to LOVE!!!veritask

Physical Immortality
Physical Immortality

All DNA life forms on earth are created involuntarily and then destructively tested. All of your ancestors, including your parents are/were chemically (psycho-indocrinaly pre-disposed) to adaptively breed to kill and to act as if that intent is acceptable and normal/natural. This intent is, by mans own laws, illegal!; as this intent is Man Slaughter in slow motion using passivity and excuse making. All Men born are slaughtered and the library has a statistical listing of the many forms of most of the ways there are to die including lightning!....slaughtered in this way. This Fact makes all humans, by default, child molesters/killers.
In our species, we are the source of both the creation and destruction of all children. By our own Laws, we are not to kill another. By our passivity, we do, in affect, kill all others and ourselves. This misuse of our intent is being reported to all children of earth, over the internet, for their protection. American Capitalism is not the social structure that will solve the killing of all children as American Capitalism makes child salvaging optional. The Library doesn't have a list of all the ways there are to avoid death physically and eternally. But, at most libraries, you can download, for print, my plan of Mortality Resolution International. But will you download it for yourself and all of those who you learned to pretend that you love?

Physical Immortality

Physical Immortality is Mandatory

Dakota Fanning King of all Indigos and The Children's Immortalisation Network aspect of MORTALITY RESOLUTION INTERNATIONAL

[Prophecy and Causality]
Robert Ray Hedges is acquiring the collective mind space of all of humanity to create the Children's Immortalisation Network aspect of Mortality Resolution International.
The Angel of Loving Truthful Clarity is Emerging: The Evolving Virtue Fire of Human Destiny IS present in the world. All religion will collapse. All government will transform at unity of purpose. The Mother/Sisterhood will come into its power with men as equals. Female Sexual Negligence and the male low selfworth, humiliation, anger and the WAR it causes will pass away, as their genetic relationship is brought lucid. The wealth previously consumed by defense will become available for construction of OUR kNEW world order, in which CHILLEDRUN will need a new name as the lie [KIDDING] has died.
Now You know when it happened. Look at your watch and calender! Now you will witness some natural resistance to the one mind fusion of EMPATHIC coordinated universal immortalising intent. This is shift shock and is a natural transistion resistance/discomfort. "Who are you to tell me-itis!" [an inherited attitude virus]....will arise and fade. Freedom and confusion will both die. It's Okay to not believe this is happenening to you. That is the nature of sudden change energy in your experiential body space. You are going CLEAR now!
Please learn together to create the honest intentions that will AWAKEN the children we birthed to kill!
This IS Fun!
Truth, Love, and MANDATORY international immortalisation ARE functional One Mind Modes. I've rechecked this for 30 years.
Dictionary=Acquire: 1 : to get as one's own: a : to come into possession or control of often by unspecified means b : to come to have as a new or added characteristic, trait, or ability (as by sustained effort or natural selection)

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Robert Ray Hedges of Sedona Arizona is teaching the children of Earth, over the internet! These children will show their parents that breeding to kill is cruel and wrong, AND, that there is another way! I am asking for your help.

Mortality Resolution International I Stop Death

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I don't want ANY person to DIE, so, here is my plan....

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